Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The French say we're always shifted

Here is a write-up of our two recent videos on the French website Fluctuat.net.

I've posted the Google translator English translation below. If you have not watched the videos yet, they are available in previous posts.

We read about Nervous Curtains in summer 2010 (and we are the only ones in France it seems) on the occasion of the release of his first really successful album, Out of Sync With Time (see our post: Nervous Curtains: Texans on the verge of a nervous breakdown ). Good news, we Texans taxions (oh the beautiful alliteration!) Already anachronistic at the time, back on February 21 with a new album titled Fake Infinity.

For the record, recall that Curtains Nervous comes from Dallas. A city not necessarily known for its transgressive scene, which includes a host of groups, however strange and fascinating. It is precisely because the training conducted by Sean Kirkpatrick, charismatic singer and trained pianist, happily mixing post-punk (synths, aggression back, tension) and timeless class (the cabaret, a taste for the kitsch, the red velvet) as well as themes already present in the first clip of the band (the hilarious " All Yesterday's Parties " ) as Nervous Curtains is a fascinating artifact made ​​in United States, unlikely cross between convulsions Appliances by Fad Gadget and the dark rock of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds . Pending the arrival of the album, said, Texans and we offer two excellent teaser clips. The latest strange and deranged, illustrates the hypnotic "Wired To Make Waves" , post-wave tube power, with its repetitive synths worn and torn by a voice which collaborated director Justin Wilson already present on the set of " All Yesterday's Parties " . Video real gem, "Wired To Make Waves" benefits from the presence of the actor of theater embodying Justin Locklear former assistant to a magician haunted by his childhood (and in this case by a giant white rabbit, reminding one slightly , and nuclear disaster, of Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly ).

The first clip, "Moody Pictures" , in January and presented entirely by the group, has another vision of the universe of "Curtains", the illustration of an evening or a "party" according to Kirkpatrick, shared between alcoholic and clumsy uncontrollable agitation. Always shifted, and totally unclassifiable. These guys definitely do not like everyone else.

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