Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Electrician - live cover/ collaboration

"The Electrician" - written by Scott Walker as performed by Nervous Curtains and Ryan Thomas Becker of RTB2 at La Grange in Dallas, TX on October 12, 2012.

Dallas Observer Music Awards

We don’t generally comment on these awards, nor do we like to pander for votes. But this year, the categories and nominees seem to more appropriately reflect the diversity and quality of the North Texas musical landscape than in past years.
 And much to our surprise, FAKE INFINITY is up for best album. Writing, recording and supporting this album has taken up a huge chunk of the last two years of our lives. We're grateful for all the attention the album has gotten and hope that it leads people to listen to it and perhaps pick up a copy for their own turntable. So if you feel inclined to vote, you can vote once a day for FAKE INFINITY or one of the other fine nominees in this category. Also, I (Sean) am up for best instrumentalist.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cats and Eternity

I'm behind. We put out a new video today, and I realized I never posted the last on here.

So here they both are. One more week left in the Fall tour. Come see us.

Nervous Curtains "It's The End Of Eternity" from Justin Wilson on Vimeo.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogs and references

We received a nice nod of appreciation from the When You Motor Away music blog (cool GBV reference): 

Nervous Curtains are a Dallas trio playing some pretty evocative and somewhat creepy electronic rock featuring drums, keyboards and vocals reminiscent of Wall of Voodoo or maybe Ultravox. Very intriguing stuff.

We've never gotten a Wall of Voodoo comparison before. Very interesting and totally acceptable.

Fall tour dates are almost totally booked. Look to the right.>>>>>>>>>

Monday, July 9, 2012

Denton, more poster art

More poster art.
This one by Brent Frishman at Gutterth Productions.

This will be another particularly heavy event.

Take a listen to poster art-visionary, Nevada Hill's, new cello-noise-doom-metal band BLUDDED HEAD
Another great engineering job by Matthew Barnhart here.

Buildings from Minneapolis will follow. Free show, but donations for the touring band will be accepted.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We're currently booking a lot of tour dates for September and October and working on some cool new videos. Until then, we're playing a couple of shows close to home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fake Infinity reviewed in THE BIG TAKEOVER. I guess it's about time to get to work on that cover of "Permafrost."

Monday, June 11, 2012

Poster art by Marjorie Owens

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

URGH! A Music War screening and after-party

We've been asked at the last minute to play after the screening of one of our favorite concert films of all time, and we couldn't refuse. Fri. at Texas Theater in Dallas. Film at 9:15, followed by Peopleodian, George Quartz, then us. We'll be performing a tribute to URGH! in our set. Here's a clue as to what it is: Sopranos episode Stage 5. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Number 11 in Chicago

FAKE INFINITY keeps climbing the charts in Chicago at WRRG 88.9FM, Triton College Radio.

#11 this week. Thanks for the support.

1    JACK WHITE    Blunderbuss    Columbia
2    LEE RANALDO    Between The Times And The Tides    Matador
3    EIGHT AND A HALF    Eight And A Half    Arts And Crafts
4    ARCTIC MONKEYS    "R U Mine?" [Single]    Domino
5    DIAMOND RUGS    Diamond Rugs    Partisan
6    HERE WE GO MAGIC    A Different Ship    Secretly Canadian
7    GEMMA RAY    Island Fire    Bronze Rat
8    DANDY WARHOLS    This Machine    The End
9    TY SEGALL AND WHITE FENCE    Hair    Drag City
10    XIU XIU    Always    Polyvinyl
11    NERVOUS CURTAINS    Fake Infinity    Latest Flame

Thursday, April 26, 2012

R.A.D. Vinyl review

R.A.D. Vinyl review of Fake Infinity

"The tracks are cinematic in scope yet the three piece set up keeps “Fake Infinity” grounded and minimal enough to keep that post-punk edge. The album is soaked with buzzing analog sounds, angular riffs and propulsive krautrock drumming. The whole affair is dark and bizarre with lyrics that are intriguing and beguiling with some great hooks thrown into the mix."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two amazing DFW area shows next week that we are incredibly fortunate to be playing. Thursday, April 26 at Rubber Gloves in Denton with Pinkish Black, Diamond Age and Forever Home.
Saturday, April 28 at Club Dada in Dallas with Disappears, Lotus Plaza and Sungod.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interview with Milwaukee's WMSE

Milwaukee's WMSE posted an interview in advance of last week's show with Ifihadahifi, Catacombz, and Heavy Hand.

They say that we're "part of that cold breeze that is slightly stunning the sun-baked atmosphere of their environs, their heavy keys and percussion wallop, droning and electrifying simultaneously with the sting of sinister lyrics."

Back from tour. More reviews

We just got home from our East Coast and Midwest tour. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and helped us out in any way. It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones.

DC ROCK LIVE posted a nice review of our show at the Velvet Lounge.

"The drums are solid and the keys and electronics come up with a mixture of scrumptious melodic passages and assertive textural blasts. The songs are focused and manage to build intrigue...Nervous Curtains offer their personal approach to this style and come up with a vibrant set of songs that will stay with me for some time."

Hanus TV posted a review of Fake Infinity, making note of our "epic as hell synths that tear through each track, like if it was in the middle of a sonic warzone."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Come Around Viral video

The third video from FAKE INFINITY shot and edited with no budget or pro experience. Featuring Tim Cooper as the priest, Emil Rapstine as the monk, Jason Hensel as the congregation. Shot by Nan Little Kirkpatrick and edited by me. A schizophrenic priest discovers a book which sheds an uncomfortable light on the extreme polarities between his public and private life.

Tour dates

Thurs. Apr. 5 Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA w/ Featureless Ghost, AkuYou
Fri. Apr. 6 - Pianos - New York, NY w/ Five Dollar Priest
Sat. Apr. 7 - The Living Room - New York, NY
Sun. Apr. 8 - Grand Victory - Brooklyn, NY w/ Dolores Boys
Mon. Apr. 9 - The Saint - Asbury Park, NJ
Tues. Apr. 10 - Velvet Lounge - Washington, DC w/ Thee Lolitas, Pilesar
Wed. Apr. 11 – Columbus, OH - Carabar
Thurs. Apr. 12 - Bloomington, IN - Gay Dude's Annex
Fri. Apr. 13 - Riverwest Public House - Milwaukee, WI w/ Catacombz, IfIhadahifi
Sat. Apr. 14 - Pancho's Bar (aka Township) - Chicago, IL w/ Post Honeymoon, The Runnies
Thurs. Apr. 26 Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios – Denton, TX
Sat. Apr. 28 - Club Dada - Dallas, TX w/ Disappears, Lotus Plaza
Fri. May 4 – Hot Springs, AR– Maxine’s w/ New Fumes
Sat. May 5 – Fayetteville, AR - Lalaland
Thurs. Apr. 17 – The Common Table – Dallas, TX w/ the Blurries

Tour press/ radio

In advance of our Atlanta show tomorrow, I was named "Kool Kat of the Week" in ATL RETRO. Read an interview in which I rattle on about FAKE INFINITY, Ultravox, Magazine, a bunch of post punk bands, the problem with synth pop retro acts, and why we love funk music but know better than to try to play it.

The Aquarian in New Jersey wrote a preview of our Asbury Park show next Monday.

Speaking of New Jersey, we were honored to be played along with so many incredible artists on Jon Solomon's show on WPRB in Princeton. We'll be stopping by the station Monday afternoon to tape an in-studio performance.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Innocent Words review

Chicago-based magazine Innocent Words reviewed Fake Infinity.

"There is a pulse of definition and innovation beneath these ten tracks that beats with potential; it is invigorating to hear a good band growing into something great.

The album is called Fake Infinity, as if to say it is something unreal existing forever. But most listeners will probably find this disc as taking the realest parts of music and making them count for each moment they are played. We may hear the echoes of the past in these tracks, but they are definitely taking the necessary steps into creating the future."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

SXSW week schedule

All Austin shows are free/ no wristbands needed.

Wed. 2 pm - The Highball - Party Ends Day Party
Wed. 8 pm - Bernadette's Bar - Indie Radio Rocks The World Free Party
Fri. 5 pm - Side Bar - Latest Flame /Greyday Records Mostly Harmless Day Party


Full Line-up for the Latest Flame/Greyday/Silver Side: Mostly Harmless SXSW Day Party
Friday, March 16 - noon to 7
The Side Bar (7th and Red River)

12:15 - Broncho
12:30 - Gold & Youth
1:00 - The Blind Shake
1:15 - My Education
1:45 - Followed By Static
2:00 - The Hounds Below
2:30 - Viva City
2:45 - The Trophy Fire
3:15 - Victory and Associates
3:30 - I Was Totally Destroying It
4:00 - Water & Bodies
4:15 - Henry Clay People
4:45 - Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun
5:00 - Nervous Curtains
5:30 - Trophy Wives
5:45 - The Heligoats
6:15 - Bad Weather California
6:30 - Astronautalis


Finally, we'll be back in Dallas on Sunday, March 18 for Bro-fest.
8 pm at La Grange (third stage)

Just a few of the bands on this amazing line-up: Crocodiles, All Pigs Must Die, Sleepy Sun, Titus Andronicus, The Coathangers, Narrows, Coliseum, Bass Drum of Death, Crystal Antlers, The Men, Hospitality

Tickets only $17 for this fest if purchased in advanced.

Pocket Jury

Pocket Jury posted a short review of Fake Infinity.

a compelling fusion of synth noise and new wave inspired post-modern once fluid and bruising, in no small part due to the excellent sonic tapestries...

Our label mates IfIHadaHifi also got a sweet review of their latest vinyl release just below ours.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The FAKE INFINITY is spreading

Cerebral Pop says Fake Infinity is one of seven February releases you should hear.

LE PAROLE E LE COSE posted the "Wired to Make Waves" video, also making the David Lynch Rabbits connection.

D Magazine's Front Row reviewed the album, calling it "a disjointed panorama of a future we would rather avoid or a Kafkaesque perspective on the present we are grudgingly living."

Stripwax review

Much love to Stripwax for this most excellent review.

"Every week, before I can put this strip together, I have to think of what to “hang” the thing on, as in storyline, visual gimmick, and so on. Sometimes I rely on an accumulated arsenal of characters and artwork, self-made, clipped, etc., but other times, an idea will just fall right into my lap, seemingly from nowhere. That’s when I enjoy doing Stripwax the most. I’m in it mainly for that unexpected creative orgasmic rush.
Last week I spent a lot of time listening to “Fake Infinity”, the sophomore elpee by Dallas aural agitators Nervous Curtains. While researching, I found this very well-made, David Lynch-like music video the band made for “Wired To Make Waves” and thus found that “thing” to hang the strip on: Lynch’s super-creepy “Rabbits”. There is a rabbit theme in the video (I won’t spoil it for you here) that triggered the idea for the visual vehicle in the comic this week, but more importantly, when you drill down deep into the psychosis of “Rabbits” after spending some time with “Fake Infinity” you quickly realize how strong the similarities are between the two projects, despite being years apart. “Fake Infinity” is a coldly beautiful recording, with melodies built upon organic and often perfectly-chosen discordant piano notes that give the songs their humanity. It’s the electronics and primal rhythms that bring the dread and intense feeling of alienation. The formula works; Nervous Curtains have created a sound that is truly unique and unlike anything being made at the moment. If you require a reference point, think newer-wave, and think about this: Trent Reznor is at his special best when he seamlessly splices organics with synthetics and dischord, resulting in gorgeously qualmish music. Nervous Curtains are perfecting that same process.
Oh, and David Lynch, if you ever want to do a rock and roll “Rabbits” sequel, hire these guys for the soundtrack."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Instore this week

Free instore this Thursday, March 1 at Good Records.
Diamond Age at 8.
We're on at 9.

Free instore this week at Good Records.
Diamond Age at 8.
We're on at 9.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Indie buzz backstory generator

Just in time for SXSW, we have a new bio courtesy of the Low Times Podcast indie band backstory generator:

In order to free themselves from the confines of modern life, Nervous Curtains spent a year in mental facility. The handsomely foppish man in the band plays backing vocals and “atmosphere,” while the waifish female singer in the group prefers to dress herself in a cloak. The most recent album is a reaction to the trauma related to the death of a beloved pet. At one point, Nervous Curtains fell victim to a mystery illness. The band is primarily influenced by the raw and aggressive energy of cinema.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catching up on other press

Rock Freaks gave Fake Infinity a 7/10 rating. While it is somewhat puzzling that they are convinced we are using a bass guitar and that they find us to be much more of an atonal noise band than we see ourselves, they had some nice words.

"Fake Infinity is yet another fine produce from a band that is constantly underrated by the press and the music fans alike."

Hmmm...Fine produce? As our friend Conan said, strange fruit indeed.

Read the Rock Freaks review here.

Additionally, the Dallas Observer ran a feature and interview in their print edition. The topics range from the themes of shattered Utopian idealism in the album, opinions on summer beach party bands, parasites, Cronenberg, Ghaddafi, feral cats, success and failure.

Read that feature at the Dallas Observer's website.

Violitionist Session

Our Violitionist Session has been posted. We played three songs in a somewhat stripped-down set-up and did an interview in a bedroom in Denton, TX.

Watch the videos and read the interview here.

The Dallas Observer's DC9 enjoyed our interpretation of the somewhat obscure Kinks outtake "There's a New World Just Opening for me."
Read their write-up of it here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

FAKE INFINITY now streaming

Listen to the entire album today.

Pre-orders are up as well.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One True Dead Angel review

A review of Fake Infinity is up at The One True Dead Angel.

Scroll down alphabetically. Personally I'm most excited about seeing our record in a list with Earth and the mind-blowing new Devil's Blood album.

Choice quote: " Their sound is enhanced by the smart decision not to get carried away with the limitless possibilities inherent to lugging around piles of synth gear; rather than piling on layers of synthetic sound and descending into a parody of Yes or something similar, they aim more for the Buzzcocks / Kraftwerk model of using as little as possible but using it well."

The French say we're always shifted

Here is a write-up of our two recent videos on the French website

I've posted the Google translator English translation below. If you have not watched the videos yet, they are available in previous posts.

We read about Nervous Curtains in summer 2010 (and we are the only ones in France it seems) on the occasion of the release of his first really successful album, Out of Sync With Time (see our post: Nervous Curtains: Texans on the verge of a nervous breakdown ). Good news, we Texans taxions (oh the beautiful alliteration!) Already anachronistic at the time, back on February 21 with a new album titled Fake Infinity.

For the record, recall that Curtains Nervous comes from Dallas. A city not necessarily known for its transgressive scene, which includes a host of groups, however strange and fascinating. It is precisely because the training conducted by Sean Kirkpatrick, charismatic singer and trained pianist, happily mixing post-punk (synths, aggression back, tension) and timeless class (the cabaret, a taste for the kitsch, the red velvet) as well as themes already present in the first clip of the band (the hilarious " All Yesterday's Parties " ) as Nervous Curtains is a fascinating artifact made ​​in United States, unlikely cross between convulsions Appliances by Fad Gadget and the dark rock of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds . Pending the arrival of the album, said, Texans and we offer two excellent teaser clips. The latest strange and deranged, illustrates the hypnotic "Wired To Make Waves" , post-wave tube power, with its repetitive synths worn and torn by a voice which collaborated director Justin Wilson already present on the set of " All Yesterday's Parties " . Video real gem, "Wired To Make Waves" benefits from the presence of the actor of theater embodying Justin Locklear former assistant to a magician haunted by his childhood (and in this case by a giant white rabbit, reminding one slightly , and nuclear disaster, of Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly ).

The first clip, "Moody Pictures" , in January and presented entirely by the group, has another vision of the universe of "Curtains", the illustration of an evening or a "party" according to Kirkpatrick, shared between alcoholic and clumsy uncontrollable agitation. Always shifted, and totally unclassifiable. These guys definitely do not like everyone else.

DJ Jack Rabid plays "Moody Photos"

Listen as DJ Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover plays our track "Moody Photos" on his radio show right before Guided by Voices.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Wired to Make Waves" music video

Announcing the new music video for “Wired to Make Waves” by Nervous Curtains

--Vibrant, subtly creepy, slightly hallucinatory and absurd—

After collaborating on 2010’s “All Yesterday’s Parties” video, Dallas rock band Nervous Curtains has again teamed up with director Justin Wilson of Liberal Media Films for a striking fusion of audio and imagery.

The video is marked by deep reds and blacks and scrambled video images that struggle to keep up with the pulse of the song. Set in an unspecified past, the band is seen performing in a circus tent. A hack magician shocks and thrills his audience with a rabbit and sword trick. The trick turns out to be no illusion, and a young assistant is responsible for disposing of the sacrificed rabbit after the show. The assistant as a grown man, played by Ochre House Theater’s Justin Locklear, is haunted by his past.

Nervous Curtains "Wired To Make Waves" from Justin Wilson on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Publicity stills

Awkward band photos for the "Fake Infinity" album.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moody Photos video

“Moody Photos” is the first video from the FAKE INFINITY album. This video was entirely shot, directed and edited by the band using a Flip camera, a $12 tripod, flood lamps and some free editing software.

This is our party video. This is what happens at parties. We stand around the kitchen awkwardly trying to make conversation. Everyone wants to be the DJ. Ian puts on an Elvis Costello Record. I take it off and put on Saint Vitus. Robert doesn't like this at all and turns down the stereo. One person dances. Somebody stares blankly at abstract video art that’s playing on the TV. Somebody sneaks off to partake in anti-social non-recreational drug use. Others drink, text, flip through magazines and shift uncomfortably. Finally, we try to sneak out without having to say goodbye to anyone.