Thursday, March 8, 2012

SXSW week schedule

All Austin shows are free/ no wristbands needed.

Wed. 2 pm - The Highball - Party Ends Day Party
Wed. 8 pm - Bernadette's Bar - Indie Radio Rocks The World Free Party
Fri. 5 pm - Side Bar - Latest Flame /Greyday Records Mostly Harmless Day Party


Full Line-up for the Latest Flame/Greyday/Silver Side: Mostly Harmless SXSW Day Party
Friday, March 16 - noon to 7
The Side Bar (7th and Red River)

12:15 - Broncho
12:30 - Gold & Youth
1:00 - The Blind Shake
1:15 - My Education
1:45 - Followed By Static
2:00 - The Hounds Below
2:30 - Viva City
2:45 - The Trophy Fire
3:15 - Victory and Associates
3:30 - I Was Totally Destroying It
4:00 - Water & Bodies
4:15 - Henry Clay People
4:45 - Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun
5:00 - Nervous Curtains
5:30 - Trophy Wives
5:45 - The Heligoats
6:15 - Bad Weather California
6:30 - Astronautalis


Finally, we'll be back in Dallas on Sunday, March 18 for Bro-fest.
8 pm at La Grange (third stage)

Just a few of the bands on this amazing line-up: Crocodiles, All Pigs Must Die, Sleepy Sun, Titus Andronicus, The Coathangers, Narrows, Coliseum, Bass Drum of Death, Crystal Antlers, The Men, Hospitality

Tickets only $17 for this fest if purchased in advanced.

Pocket Jury

Pocket Jury posted a short review of Fake Infinity.

a compelling fusion of synth noise and new wave inspired post-modern once fluid and bruising, in no small part due to the excellent sonic tapestries...

Our label mates IfIHadaHifi also got a sweet review of their latest vinyl release just below ours.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The FAKE INFINITY is spreading

Cerebral Pop says Fake Infinity is one of seven February releases you should hear.

LE PAROLE E LE COSE posted the "Wired to Make Waves" video, also making the David Lynch Rabbits connection.

D Magazine's Front Row reviewed the album, calling it "a disjointed panorama of a future we would rather avoid or a Kafkaesque perspective on the present we are grudgingly living."

Stripwax review

Much love to Stripwax for this most excellent review.

"Every week, before I can put this strip together, I have to think of what to “hang” the thing on, as in storyline, visual gimmick, and so on. Sometimes I rely on an accumulated arsenal of characters and artwork, self-made, clipped, etc., but other times, an idea will just fall right into my lap, seemingly from nowhere. That’s when I enjoy doing Stripwax the most. I’m in it mainly for that unexpected creative orgasmic rush.
Last week I spent a lot of time listening to “Fake Infinity”, the sophomore elpee by Dallas aural agitators Nervous Curtains. While researching, I found this very well-made, David Lynch-like music video the band made for “Wired To Make Waves” and thus found that “thing” to hang the strip on: Lynch’s super-creepy “Rabbits”. There is a rabbit theme in the video (I won’t spoil it for you here) that triggered the idea for the visual vehicle in the comic this week, but more importantly, when you drill down deep into the psychosis of “Rabbits” after spending some time with “Fake Infinity” you quickly realize how strong the similarities are between the two projects, despite being years apart. “Fake Infinity” is a coldly beautiful recording, with melodies built upon organic and often perfectly-chosen discordant piano notes that give the songs their humanity. It’s the electronics and primal rhythms that bring the dread and intense feeling of alienation. The formula works; Nervous Curtains have created a sound that is truly unique and unlike anything being made at the moment. If you require a reference point, think newer-wave, and think about this: Trent Reznor is at his special best when he seamlessly splices organics with synthetics and dischord, resulting in gorgeously qualmish music. Nervous Curtains are perfecting that same process.
Oh, and David Lynch, if you ever want to do a rock and roll “Rabbits” sequel, hire these guys for the soundtrack."