Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Wired to Make Waves" music video

Announcing the new music video for “Wired to Make Waves” by Nervous Curtains

--Vibrant, subtly creepy, slightly hallucinatory and absurd—

After collaborating on 2010’s “All Yesterday’s Parties” video, Dallas rock band Nervous Curtains has again teamed up with director Justin Wilson of Liberal Media Films for a striking fusion of audio and imagery.

The video is marked by deep reds and blacks and scrambled video images that struggle to keep up with the pulse of the song. Set in an unspecified past, the band is seen performing in a circus tent. A hack magician shocks and thrills his audience with a rabbit and sword trick. The trick turns out to be no illusion, and a young assistant is responsible for disposing of the sacrificed rabbit after the show. The assistant as a grown man, played by Ochre House Theater’s Justin Locklear, is haunted by his past.

Nervous Curtains "Wired To Make Waves" from Justin Wilson on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Publicity stills

Awkward band photos for the "Fake Infinity" album.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moody Photos video

“Moody Photos” is the first video from the FAKE INFINITY album. This video was entirely shot, directed and edited by the band using a Flip camera, a $12 tripod, flood lamps and some free editing software.

This is our party video. This is what happens at parties. We stand around the kitchen awkwardly trying to make conversation. Everyone wants to be the DJ. Ian puts on an Elvis Costello Record. I take it off and put on Saint Vitus. Robert doesn't like this at all and turns down the stereo. One person dances. Somebody stares blankly at abstract video art that’s playing on the TV. Somebody sneaks off to partake in anti-social non-recreational drug use. Others drink, text, flip through magazines and shift uncomfortably. Finally, we try to sneak out without having to say goodbye to anyone.