Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catching up on other press

Rock Freaks gave Fake Infinity a 7/10 rating. While it is somewhat puzzling that they are convinced we are using a bass guitar and that they find us to be much more of an atonal noise band than we see ourselves, they had some nice words.

"Fake Infinity is yet another fine produce from a band that is constantly underrated by the press and the music fans alike."

Hmmm...Fine produce? As our friend Conan said, strange fruit indeed.

Read the Rock Freaks review here.

Additionally, the Dallas Observer ran a feature and interview in their print edition. The topics range from the themes of shattered Utopian idealism in the album, opinions on summer beach party bands, parasites, Cronenberg, Ghaddafi, feral cats, success and failure.

Read that feature at the Dallas Observer's website.

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